Recent Non- Makeup Purchases |Fall Clothes & Candles

Recent Non- Makeup Purchases |Fall Clothes & Candles

Why does writing this post make me feel like I’m going to confession to admit my sins? Here are the items I recently purchased and am loving.

nonbeauty purchases

Bath & Body Works / Every year around this point of the summer, I start thinking about fall and winter. I placed my annual fall candle & wallflower order to get my apartment smelling like Leaves before fall actually arrives. I got lucky and everything I purchased blindly smells awesome.

Target pants / I have been loving this menswear plaid pattern that I don’t know the name of and I found the EXACT pants I have been wanting at Target by Who What Wear. It’s about time I have something else to wear to work other than jeans and they are very comfortable and cute. I always think of “work trouser” pants with disdain because I was forced to wear khakis in Catholic school. These have a much trendier high waisted shape and don’t give me flashbacks to that time. 


Black booties / I’m sure I’m not alone in always wanting a cute new pair of booties when fall fashion season rolls around. I seem to be adding more and more to my black bootie collection the past few months and these are a great mix of structured but not rigid. They are very comfortable and affordably priced.


Nike plaid beanie / Besides camo, red plaid is my favorite print/ color. I had to get this adorable beanie when I finally found it!


Shearling F21 slides / I spotted the Chloe shearling slides on a fashion blogger last month and could not get them out of my head.  I love anything fuzzy and I love slides, so these were right up my alley when I spotted them on Forever 21. I can’t wait until they arrive in the mail and for my friends and family to think they are hideous. They are definitely a steal compared to the $600 Chloe pair!  I would have preferred the cross over design like the Chloe ones, but oh well. The fuzzy slide trend has always appealed to me, but I thought the typical ones look a little cheap. Shearling is cuter in my opinion and reminds me of UGG boots. 

nordstrom clothing haul
Nordstrom / During the NSale, all I saw was images bombarding my instagram feed of #liketoknowit posts. They got me, because I did a little order myself of some things that were discounted.  I bought these sweatpants in both colors because I have no self control, and they are absolutely amazingly comfortable and flattering.  The dress was for my friend’s engagement party, and I have also worn it to work a couple times. I’m trying to make it work into my wardrobe as something that I DON’T just wear once to a party and never put on again. That happens to most of my dresses. The last item from Nordstrom was Nike Theas- these are a pretty popular style and I hadn’t gotten a pair yet. They are so cute with mock croc pattern and the gummy sole toe. They’re going to be more of a fashion sneaker than workout sneaker for me I think.

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Etsy Vinyl paper / My brother has a vinyl cutter and I had a cute idea for a new sticker. I bought this sticker vinyl on etsy to bring my idea to life.


Planner / My Moleskine planner has been amazing so far this year, but I have been watching too many “back to school” Youtube videos and wanted a new one. Homegoods came through and I got this cute one for $5.  It is a lot smaller than the moleskine one and I have been reaching for it more often. It fits great in my everyday bag too.

The last item is the movie Hidden Figures- I actually rented it on Amazon Video and I LOVED it! The 60s were full of gorgeous fashion and pretty cars. The acting was amazing and I love Taraji P. Henson. I couldn’t relate to the movie al that much because I SUCK at math but it was super empowering to watch.



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  1. August 15, 2017 / 1:28 pm

    I still need to see Hidden Figures. Gotta love these hidden history stories.

  2. August 20, 2017 / 10:55 pm

    I like Black booties too. Because they always chic and also fit fall season. They can easily pair with a skirt, high-rise shorts or the leggings!

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