DIY Brow Tinting

DIY Brow Tinting

Somehow I have never done a post on how I dye my brows.  The idea of it can seem intimidating but I promise it’s an easy process that you can absolutely do at home. Salons are required to use dyes that are eye safe like vegetable dye- aka ones that don’t last.  The products below will give you long lasting results for MUCH less money.  Don’t get dye in your eye and you’ll be set.


mixing bowl (any plastic bowl or this one!)

clean mascara wand (or small makeup brush would work)

Loreal Mega Browns Brandy (Sally’s)

10 volume developer cream (amazon)

paper towels

Mix Dye & Apply

You only need a tiny bit of dye- even the amount above is too much!  Brow hairs are like a centimeter long and the amount I made could dye like ten brows.  It is a 1:1 ratio of developer to dye. Don’t go higher than 10 volume unless you’re trying to bleach your brows or turn them a brighter color. 10 vol DEPOSITS color rather than lifting. I’ve heard of other people using Just For Men dye to do this too so you could go with that but store bought box dyes are sketchy in that we don’t know what developer is included.

Starting on clean brows, brush hairs up, down, backwards, and forward to make sure all the little hairs are covered. Leave on for 20-25 minutes.



They’ll start to get really dark don’t worry! Keep a paper towel handy to clean up drips around brows.  After the timer goes off I wipe off the dye with a warm damp paper towel or wash cloth.


The end result! All of the hairs that were blonde are now tinted and you can see that each hair has more definition from root to tip.  Some of the darkest hairs tinted to the dye shade, so it creates a more uniform color.  Now that I have darker roots I could go a few shades darker but you don’t want to go SUPER dark obviously. The before and after pic doesn’t do the best job because my daylight was majorly fading.  The picture below shows how my brows look not quite filled in of course, but fuller without any makeup. 


I hope you give it a try! Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to help.  I’m a big fan of dyeing my brows to help me look like I have a more put together look without any brow makeup.



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