Five Favorites | Classic Glam Red Liquid Lipsticks

Five Favorites | Classic Glam Red Liquid Lipsticks

Merry Christmas! I hope your day was filled with yummy food and Sephora gift cards.  In honor of the holiday, I wanted to talk about my favorite holiday red liquid lipsticks.  This would have been a good post to do a week ago probably, but oh well.  On Christmas my makeup is usually a classic medium brown/ mauve/ tan in the crease with shimmer on the lid and just a nude lip for hanging with family.  However, I went out with friends last week and did the whole red lip holiday classic makeup thing, and had a hard time deciding which red to go with.  

I posted on Instagram that day when I was getting ready to show the ones I was thinking about going with, and ended up wearing Sephora Collection Rosewood.  I knew I was going to be out quite a few hours so I needed a good formula. Sephora Collection kills it in that aspect and it wore and reapplied very well during the hanging out and drinking I was doing.

This post was inspired by that moment deciding between red liquid lipsticks.  For this post I went through my collection and picked out some shades that capture the holiday red look perfectly and these are all ones I absolutely love.  

Colourpop Arriba! / Every time I have loved a red lip on someone on Instagram it ends up being this one.  Colourpop colors can tend to turn dark or brownish once they dry down, but not this perfect red. It is just a little bit warmer than Kylie Mary Jo K, but they are basically dupes other than that.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Heathers / This dries down quite darker than it looks in the tube, but it still looks absolutely beautiful.  I love this color but the formula is very moussey and I prefer to apply it with a lip brush over a liner.

Kylie Mary Jo K / I had totally forgotten that I have Kylie Cosmetics Mary Jo K or I would have probably used it when I went out for Santacon. The Kylie formula is nice and this is a true bright red shade.  

Urban Decay Rock Steady / This is just the slightest bit darker than Kylie Mary Jo K, with more blue.  That makes this one of the best reds out there in my opinion and makes teeth basically glow white.

Sephora Collection Rosewood / Rosewood is a glam darker red that I think would look absolutely perfect on anyone. It is the red for someone that doesn’t think they can pull off a bold lip.

If I had to pick one absolute favorite of the bunch, I don’t think I could! Sephora Collection lasts the longest, Rock Steady is the best color, Arriba! Has a spicy chili hint to it that is stunning with a tan, Mary Jo K is the perfect classic red.  I can say Heathers by Anastasia is my least favorite of the bunch unfortunately… the formula just isn’t as great as the rest.

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My Christmas has been awesome other than dropping my phone in the toilet and having to make a Christmas Eve morning trip to Verizon to activate my old Iphone 5s that I’ve been using the past two days now. I went ahead and upgraded so my Christmas present ended up being an Iphone 8 plus I guess.  It will be delivered this week and I’m super hesitant about going bigger! I was using the iphone SE which is the perfect size in my opinion and WHY is Apple getting rid of the headphone jack!? SO unnecessary and a scheme to make everyone spend ~$20 on new adapter accessories probably.  I figured if I had to go bigger I’d just go all out with the 8 plus size because it has the best camera. I shouldn’t complain but I didn’t intend on upgrading because everything about the SE is perfect except for the camera not being on par with the new models.

 Anyway, enough complaining about getting an awesome new phone!  I posted the Christmas makeup gift I bought myself if you feel like taking a look at my Instagram. Happy holidays! 


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