Ofra Liquid Lipsticks

Ofra Liquid Lipsticks



I haven’t really been tempted to buy any other Ofra liquid lipsticks since I bought these.  The formula is comfortable, but they’re a little expensive and the colors aren’t groundbreaking.  I’m content with these ones, and felt like going into detail about my little collection.

Ofra liquid lipstick review blog post

Sao Paulo, Charmed, Pasadena, Mocha, Miami Fever

The Ofra formula of the colors I own is a bit inconsistent.  They’re all good quality, but they’re all different. As you can see on Mocha and Pasadena, they are not dried down.  These are the ones I own in the older tubes.  They take a long time to get matte, and I usually get impatient and pat them into my lips to make them set.

The newer sleek tubes of Charmed & Sao Paulo are long-lasting, full coverage, and dry instantly.  Miami Fever comes in the old packaging, but dries instantly as well.  It has a unique formula all together, coming out as a dry mousse. It dries down darker than my photos show, but the rest are true to color.

Rub wear test

Just to show you how differently these wear, I rubbed my finger all over them vigorously to show how they endure wear. Obviously you wouldn’t be rubbing your lips this hard, but you get the idea. Mocha and Pasadena are the first to go.

If you want something more hydrating on the lips, I highly recommend these liquid lipsticks, especially Pasadena and Mocha.  They are very similar to NYX soft matte creams, but last longer. My favorite of the formula types would be the new sleek packaging- they perform most similarly to other brands like Dose of Colors or Sephora Collection, opaque and long lasting without cracking.

Not considering the formula, my favorite colors from best to worst are…

Charmed (flattering)

Miami Fever (most unique)

Sao Paulo (go to light nude)

Mocha (just the right amount of red)

Pasadena (beautiful mauve)


I reach for these a lot despite the inconsistencies. The colors are extremely wearable and they are good quality products. I feel like the market is so saturated by liquid lipsticks that Ofra would really need to do an overhaul of new colors to impress me to get more.  These are a reliable liquid lipstick that I would definitely recommend if you want something that wears comfortably throughout the day.




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