Higher End Lip Gloss Collection

No matter how much I love a matte lip, there will always be an occasion for gloss. Usually I put it on when I am going somewhere casual where I have minimal makeup on, or at work with  a bare face.  Glossy lips have been getting more and more on trend lately it seems like. It makes me wonder if there will ever be a day where I prefer shiny over matte lips.  I use glosses a lot more often than I use liquid or regular lipsticks surprisingly.  I’m more likely to be wearing a gloss or lip balm on an everyday basis because I’m a homebody and never have anywhere to go that requires getting glam.

When I first put this post together I had written about my whole gloss collection, including drugstore.  That got pretty long and repetitive since you can tell by the photos that I prefer nudes. I will be doing a separate post for my affordable glosses.

Kylie Literally / This gloss lives in my purse because I like the formula and color for minimal makeup days. The color is a medium brown nude shade that matches darker nude lip liners.


MAC Lipglass / This is one of my favorite formulas even though they are a tad sticky. The stickiness makes it last on my lips.


Buxom White Russian / I’m actually out of this gloss and have not repurchased since I’m trying to use some of my collection up!  I know this is a “collection” post but I had to mention it because Buxom is my favorite formula of all time.  White Russian is the PERFECT sheer light nude.  It is minty and cooling so this is one that I find myself wanting to apply over and over just for how refreshing it feels.


Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump / I’m on my second tube of this gloss right now, which goes to show how much I love it. This gloss is a clear plumping one that I put on while I do my makeup to moisturize my lips and get them as big as possible before I apply lipstick. It is also great to wear on an everyday basis on it’s own and is definitely my favorite clear gloss.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss / I have two of these in the shades Undressed and Butterscotch. These are the most pigmented of my collection and are just a little more sticky than the Kylie gloss I have. Basically they are the same shade which I didn’t realize when I bought them.


Bareminerals Gen Nude Buttercream Lipgloss / This gloss in the shade Totally is the perfect in between of sheer and pigmented. The only thing I would change about Totally is that it doesn’t have a pleasant scent.  The Bare Minerals Gen Nude liquid lipsticks have an amazing vanilla scent that I wish they had incorporated into the gloss.  With the name Buttercream I thought it was going to smell like Buttercream frosting.  After I took the photos of these I put Totally into my purse because I need to give it more attention!


Fenty Gloss Bomb / After the amount of people raving about this gloss, I had to try it for myself.  Right now Sephora has a set that contains the gloss and Hu$tla Baby highlight.  The “universal” rosey nude color of this did not appeal to me initially but I understand the fascination with it now.  The shade reminds me a lot of Nars Orgasm gloss and it gives that super juicy look to the lips.  It feels like a NYX Butter Gloss- ultra moisturizing and the glitter is not detectable when I have it on.  If I didn’t know better I would think it’s a simple hydrating lip balm.

While I’m on the subject of high end glosses, I’ll go ahead and share my wishlist. These are the shades I am planning to pick up when I run out of the ones I currently have. I take forever to get through products so by the time I actually do go shopping there will probably be newer glosses to look into, but whatever.


Nars Turkish Delight / Turkish Delight has been around for years and for some reason I never got around to purchasing it. This is the perfect baby pink shade in my opinion.


MAC Patrick Starrr / Like I said, I love the lipglasses, and the Patrick Starrr shade in She Betta Werkk looks like my type of nude pink! The collection he released with MAC is gorgeous and looks so wearable. I haven’t bought anything because I really don’t need anything and I feel like I have dupes of a lot of the products, but I have been enjoying seeing youtube tutorials of the products in action.


Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme / I’m always on the hunt for the strongest plumping gloss formula, and I’ve heard great things about this!


Marc Jacobs Sugar Sugar / The Hi- Shine Lip Lacquer by Marc Jacobs in Sugar Sugar has been on my wishlist ever since Jaclyn Hill mentioned it a couple years back!

Thank you for reading! 🙂



  1. January 17, 2018 / 2:15 am

    I don’t like sticky feelings but the anastasia gloss is beautiful!

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