February 2018 Favorites

February 2018 Favorites

February was short so I didn’t have all that many favorites.  I’m not sure what it has been lately, but I’ve felt a little moody and not really in a mindset where I’m excited to blog. I’m trying to get out of it by switching up my routine because when I’m at my best it brings me so much happiness. There have a been a couple things that have helped given me a boost back to feeling more clear headed and positive that I will be mentioning after the makeup.  


Viseart Warm Mattes / I don’t talk about this palette enough here. For some reason I have a bad habit of “saving” my fancy makeup for special occasions. There aren’t many special occasions in my daily life, so it just sits in my collection. I’ve been forcing myself to NOT do that, and just use what I have, no matter the brand. Viseart is worth the high price point to me. If I had to go back I would have picked up the Dark Mattes instead- and I actually did buy it this week(!!!). The colors are repetitive in Warm Mattes- lots of tan brown and not enough vibrant rich colors like Anastasia Blazing. Still, You can create some great neutral looks and the color really do blend themselves without losing any pigment or creating something muddy. They are the kind of eyeshadows that make me feel like I’m good at makeup because eye looks always work easily with it.

MAC Oh Darling Highlight / This hasn’t been a highlight I mention because I used to feel bad that it was discontinued! Luckily they made in permanent so I don’t have to skip over it. This is the perfect gold highlight. I like to really buff it into my skin to make sure it looks like smooth glow.


NYX Gloomy Days palette / If you’re looking for a cool toned drugstore palette, this is ideal.


Ofra Manila / There aren’t many liquid lipsticks that I describe as a good “everyday” product.  That is how I would describe Manila.  The formula is comfortable and the color isn’t too light or too dark for natural makeup looks.  


Etude House Sunprise SPF / I purchased this sunscreen at the beginning of the month and have been loving it.  Usually I just pick up a generic brand of SPF moisturizer at Target, but I saw really good reviews of this on Reddit. It leaves a weightless matte finish on my skin all day, has high SPF, and I really like the applicator.  I rotate between this and Jergens Natural Glow Face SPF depending on my tan.  I keep this in my car makeup bag so I couldn’t grab a pic.  


Glossier Birthday Balm Dot Calm / I had to mention this because I’ve been slathering it on nonstop for the past few months. A tiny dot goes a long way and it smells heavenly. I want to try the coconut scent next!


Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Baddest Black Mascara / This has been the mascara I reach for when I want something that does not smudge under my eyes.  While I always like to go in with NYX Control Freak as a top coat on my lower lashes, when I’m too lazy I skip that step with this. The Colossal line from Maybelline had been one of my favorites for many years, and I’m excited that this one brought me back to it!


Suntana Tan / Like I mentioned I have been in a funk a little bit and taking some extra minutes to make myself feel pampered really can help. For a few nights in a row I will apply this with a mitt and mini spray bottle and wake up bronzed. It looks nice built up and doesn’t fade weird.


Acure Brightening Scrub / I’m almost out of this face scrub because I use it every weekday morning after my workout.  The scrubs are not plastic microbeads, are not abrasive, and remind me of the Kate Somerville scrub that is way too expensive for my budget. This goes hand in hand with my Suntana self tanner. I bring the scrub down my neck and chest to help my tan fade away gracefully as the week goes on instead of getting weird patches. You can find this at Target.


Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder / This pressed powder is a must have from the drugstore for me. When I need to have some coverage but don’t have enough time to sit down for a full face of makeup, I will put on primer then buff in this powder.


MAC Mud Wrestler / This has become one of my favorite MAC lipsticks, which is a bold claim since there are only a select few that meet that criteria. This is ultra nude and a little bit too cool toned, which is right up my alley.


Bare Minerals Totally gloss / This gloss is the perfect pink nude for everyday on me. I keep t in my purse and apply it frequently, even when I have no other makeup on.


Veiling / I picked up this tip from @lipsticknick_ on Instagram. After she applies blush and bronzer, she swirls her powder brush with a little pressed powder to tone it down and make it look like the cheek colors are coming from within.  Doing this has made my contour and blush look so much more seamless. I can get carried away with bronzer really easily and this is a good fixer. It works great with the Maybelline Fit Me Powder that I mentioned above.


Non- Beauty

Feeling Good By David D. Burns / Self empowerment or self help is my least favorite genre to read, but the one I need the most. Out of all the books I’ve found for getting out of my head/ trying to be more positive, this one has been the most realistic and relatable for me. I listen on my commute to work with Audible.  Again, it’s something I am forcing myself to do because I know that my life can improve a lot. If you find yourself down in the dumps often or literally always, check this one out. I have even considered getting a tanning package again because that REALLY kept me feeling good a few years ago, but I’m trying other options before putting my skin at risk.  


Prescription Sunglasses / These have been a Godsend! Not sure why I didn’t try to get prescription sunglasses back in 3rd grade when I started wearing glasses and contacts, but I’m in love with them now. Mine are black frames with silver lense large Ray Ban aviators from Coastal.com.


Siesta Key / Have I mentioned that I am LOVING this new season? Season one was good, but two has been GREAT.  Juliette is my favorite character and I love following her on Twitter. I tend to like to live tweet shows as I watch them and she responds/ favorites the tweets… it makes me feel cool lol


Queer Eye / I finished the entire season in just a few nights after starting this show. You need to watch it. I was pretty young when the old one was out, and didn’t remember all that much. The cast is so good in the new one and I like each and every guy so much! They pick a man that needs a little boost in his life and the team helps him out in every aspect- mental, culinary, home decor, and aesthetically.  Each episode is heartwarming and hilarious. Antoni, Karamo, and Jonathan are my faves and I wish I could have a makeover from them myself!!


When We First Met / We watched this movie for the first time for Valentine’s Day on Netflix and I’ve watched it three times now.  I love Adam from Workaholics (Adam DeVine) and this movie was adorable. Highly recommend.

MakeupbyMario / Like I said above, I’m easily starstruck by reality tv stars, and also their makeup artists. I posted a photo on Instagram with Kim K’s book Selfish as a prop.  Mario was the first to like it and it made my day. Fun facts- my name is also Kim K. and Khloe Kardashian retweeted me in like 2011 and I screamed bloody murder with excitement and scared the shit out of my college roommates <3 good times lol.

Lastly, jalapeño poppers have been another favorite this month and I’ve had them like five times. Jalapenos are so cheap and easy to make! I could eat 100 without stopping. Unhealthy but heavenly! My way-

  1. After washing, set a jalapeño on your cutting board to see how it likes to lay without rolling.
  2. Cut a side off so you have a little boat to load up.  Save the cut off side in the refrigerator for other recipes.  
  3. Scrape out the seeds and white membranes with a spoon, avoiding touching the inside.  
  4. Load it up with room temperature cream cheese seasoned with mexican seasoning and your favorite hot sauce. You can also stir in any shredded cheese of your liking. Top with more shredded cheese.
  5. Bake them in the oven 15 minutes until everything is nice and melty.

 Another way I like to have jalapenos is in dip form.  


Those are my favorites of February! I’d love to know read your monthly favorites if you have a blog. Feel free to link it in the comments.



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  1. March 5, 2018 / 5:59 am

    You inspired me to dig out my little Viseart palette for tomorrow. I love it but keep forgetting about it.

    I loved the original Queer Eye (I sometimes have convos on Twitter with Jai & Carson tweeted me back once). Been hearing good things about the new one so I’ll need to check it out.

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