Dark Burgundy Lipsticks

Dark Burgundy Lipsticks

They may be intimidating, but dark lipstick looks good on everyone.  I don’t think everyone knows that, though.  If you don’t think so, pop one on when you are wearing any neutral look instead of your usual nude lip, and notice how it makes your teeth look whiter and brings out your eyes.

Dark Burgundy Lipstick

The first dark lipstick I fell in love with was in college sometime around 2010ish- Rimmel Kate #04. It is a dark smokey cool toned purple. I still have it honestly which means it is way past the expiration date.  Keeping it is more of a nostalgia thing than actually reaching for it.  Next up was Wet N’ Wild Cherry Bomb, which is one of the prettiest dark reds I’ve seen to this day, but bleeds pretty hardcore without a good liner.  I’ll stop going through the list of all the lipsticks that I have become infatuated with throughout the years now.  The one’s I’m mentioning today are ultra deep dark and may be a little too edgy for some, but check out my other posts on more wearable but still bold fall lipsticks here and here.

Sephora collection 43 crimson crush

MAC Living Legend / A rich deep dark oxblood burgundy shade. Sadly this was limited edition from their retro matte line they had out, but here are some dupes.  If I ran out of this, personally I would replace it with Urban Decay Disturbed Vice lipstick for a really good alternative.  Living Legend is my favorite type of deep shade, leaning more maroon red than plum violet.  


Sephora Collection 43 Crimson Crush / I’ve worn this a lot for it being such a bold color, which shows how much I adore it.  This is almost identical to Living Legend, but more a tad more warm brown toned.  It applies perfectly evenly rather than going on patchy like some dark liquid lip colors tend to do.  I’ve raved so much about this formula.  If you haven’t given it a try, I beg you to do so!

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Deep dark lips are best when worn matte in my opinion.  That way, you avoid smudging or bleeding color all over your face.  Both of these formulas are mattifying but not flakey or overly drying.  I honestly love both of these lipsticks SO much and tbh I kind of daydream about wearing a super dark lipstick like this on my future wedding day lol.  I’d love to expand my collection with shades even darker than these!  What’s the darkest lipstick you own?



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