NYX Gloomy Days Palette | Review & Look

NYX Gloomy Days Palette | Review & Look

The NYX Perfect Filter Gloomy Days palette is the only drugstore palette in my collection. The only other affordable palette that I have is the Juvia’s Place, which isn’t technically drugstore. When I say drugstore here I’m talking about the usual brands you’ve seen around forever like Covergirl, Revlon, etc..  Unfortunately my perception of these brands is that they have lackluster eyeshadows.  Especially when it comes to palettes in my experience, they tend to be uninspiring color palettes and dully pigmented. I have a few really great single shimmer shadows by L’oreal’s Infallible lines, but actual palettes seem to swatch chalky and don’t have particularly inspiring color combinations.


Since my outlook on them is harsh I was a little nervous about trying this NYX palette. I’ve had some good experiences with NYX products, but my one bone to pick about them is that the aisles are always extremely picked over and understocked.

The Gloomy Days palette appealed to me because I have been on the hunt for a good cool toned palette.  Everything out right now is extremely warm, neutral, or electric neons.  Good cool tones are hard to come across!  I’m planning to do a post on all the ones that I looked into, but I landed on the Gloomy Days because it had almost everything I was looking for- greys, black, purple, blue.  I used to have the 35K but sold it on Poshmark. I partly regret that because it had a row of nice greys, blues, and blacks, but it was just so big and took up too much space in gross packaging.  I never reached for it and it was mostly just a bunch of the same brown color repeated.


Gloomy Days is a really unique palette compared to others in my collection and I don’t hear many people mentioning it, probably because warm shadows are having their moment right now. If you had showed me this palette a couple months ago I would have totally been uninterested.


NYX describes this palette as “Black, white, and grey neutrals with matte, shimmer, and duo chromatic finishes.” There are four more palettes in the Perfect Filter collection with unique themes- Olive You, Marine Layer, Rustic Antique, and Golden Hour.

The mattes are definitely my favorite here.  They remind me a little of the Urban Decay Naked palettes, except a little less soft. Finger swatches aren’t the most impressive here, but they blend and build up really well when I’m using them.  For the look that I posted, I did go in with one shadow from another palette (Lure from ABH Prism) because it completed the cloudy grey and pink look I was going for when I wore this. If the NYX Gloomy Days palette had a dusty matte lilac or even a matte taupe purple it would be totally complete for me.


A couple of the shimmers are underwhelming to me.  They do not pack much of a metallic punch and are more muted. The top right shade is the most pigmented of the four non-mattes. Mine arrived with a chunk out of the top broken, but still useable. That one is softer and more pigmented than the others as you can see in the swatches.


For a beginner or someone that doesn’t have a lot of eyeshadows, I think it would be beneficial to have a palette with more neutral shimmers or pigments to make more looks.  This is not a 100% versatile palette in that sense, but for me it filled a gap in my palette collection.  When I use this for more glam looks I will be dipping into other eyeshadows for brighter metallic shimmers.

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I wore this makeup out to dinner and tried to get a couple pictures of how the look turned out. I’m not used to posting looks without lashes but it’s a realistic look into how I would actually wear it day to day. The black was really soft and blendable, which is a huge teller for me of the quality of a palette..


Overall I’m impressed with this palette.  It is not as pigmented as more high end palettes like Anastasia Beverly Hills or Kat Von D.  When I’m working with these I have to dip in a couple times to build up the pigment, but that also makes blending really easy.  It was much nicer than how I expected a drugstore palette to perform.


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