December 2017 Monthly Favorites

December 2017 Monthly Favorites

Happy 2018!  I had lots of favorite products that I was loving in December so I won’t get into a long intro this month.


Beauty Products


TanWise Lotion / I picked this up on a whim at Sally Beauty Supply.  For tanning lotion I usually use Banana Boat Summer Color, so this was new to me. This is WAY darker than Banana Boat, and majorly stains if you just try to use your hands like I did at first. I prefer to put this directly on a mitt and apply it, and it gives an instant tan that lasts almost all week. This does rub off on my sheets at night and I don’t wear white until the next day when I have showered the top layer off.  I have been extremely impressed with this lotion and love it as an inexpensive tanning option.

ABH Chocolate dipbrow pomade / I have been using the ABH dipbrow pomade in Auburn forever, and decided it was looking a little light compared to when I dye my roots dark auburn. I feel like both shades work fine for me, but I thought I would mention it since I had never tried another shade from this line until now. I’m wearing chocolate dipbrow in all my recent Instagram posts and the featured photo of this post.


EcoTools Duo Set brushes / I saw this set when I was actually Christmas shopping for makeup for someone else and knew I needed it. I love every brush head on these dual sided brushes and can barely do my makeup without them now. I highly recommend them because everything I have tried from EcoTools has been great quality.


1000 Watts Revlon / I don’t think this polish is available any longer, but there are lots of bright gold dupes or similar colors out there. I had to mention it because I couldn’t stop staring at my nails when I wore this earlier this month.


Clinique Superbalanced Silk / Awesome foundation if you have oily skin and want your face to glow in a non- greasy way.


Jeffree Star Christmas Cookie liquid lipstick / I did a full on review for this lipstick, and I am loving it for any makeup day where I want a nude lip.


Motives 40FY Lip Treatment / This is a lip balm I realized I have never written about, but I absolutely love it. I bought this on a recommendation from the woman who used to wax my brows when we were talking about plumping lip products.  She recommended this and it absolutely hit the mark. It doesn’t sting, but makes my lips look full and soft.  I wish Motives was more readily available!


Fresh Caramel Lip Treatment / This was a splurge lip balm for me, but I love the experience every time I apply it. The scent isn’t your typical rich sweet creamy caramel scent, but more crisp and clean somehow.  I have been keeping it by my bed to apply every night before bed.  I should probably move it because I will be going through it too quickly!


Tarte Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette / This is the first contour palette I have picked up! I created my own with single powders in an empty palette that you can check out in my blog post on it, but this one pulled me in. I used a 20% off coupon and ordered it because all the shades look like I’ll get use out of them.  Almost everything I have tried from Tarte has been great so liking this hasn’t been much of a surprise. The beautiful packaging is the cherry on top of this great product.


Morphe Setting Spray / I’ve been reaching for this spray a lot lately and liking the fine mist.  I can’t say for sure how well it helps my makeup stay on because with the weather being colder I have less of problem with that, but it’s a good spray.  


Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Butter Masque / Mask being spelled like that feels too fancy, but I really like this hair mask to swap out in place of conditioner in the shower. I leave it in as long as possible while I’m shaving my legs.




Brow Dye / Whenever I’m having a bad face day, I need to remember to dye my brows. It brings so much more life to my face on an everyday basis when I don’t have makeup on. If you have never tried tinting your brows, check out my guide here.


Urban Outfitters sweater / This color block sweater has been in my “favorites” on the Urban Outfitters website for awhile now and I finally bit the bullet to order it on a Black Friday special. I have worn it a dozen times at least already and love the muted mauve, brown, and rust colors of it. I’m wearing it in this post.


Brussel Sprout Salad Recipe by Salty Lashes / I’m adding this to my favorites because this recipe inspired me to try brussel sprouts raw instead of roasted. I put chopped brussel sprouts, parmesan, lemon juice, and carrots in a bowl and thoroughly enjoy.  The brussels are a lot more filling than lettuce!


Velvet Caviar phone case / I’m a peasant with an iphone SE… I have no interest in getting a larger phone and feel like the iphone 5/ SE is the perfect size! The camera on it is the only disadvantage that the upgraded phones can tout. Understandably, phone case companies are going away from making new cases for my phone size but I FINALLY found a company that still has a cute selection. I’m super picky with cases because I want them to be cute but also protect my phone from my frequent drops. EDIT to say that when I wrote this I still had my Iphone SE and dropped it in water on Christmas Eve morning… now I have the 8+ and love it so much except for not having the headphone jack is a PAIN. That Velvet Caviar iphone case is fab though but does not protect from water damage when you fully submerge your phone lol. I just bought this one for my new phone.


Brianna Fox / I have been subscribed to this youtuber for a long time now, but I have found a new interest in her makeup looks. They are wearable but she keeps her content fresh with new looks and her skill is so impressive. I have binge watched her makeup tutorials recently!


Halo Oranges / I read an interesting article on vitamins and it encouraged me to get more Vitamin C in my diet. In the past when I have bought a bag of mini oranges they always go bad, but keeping it at my desk gives me something healthy to eat when I get a snack craving at work.  I love that they don’t go bad very quickly (keep them out in the open, not stowed away in a drawer I have learned) and they keep for quite a long time.


Mio Orchard Apple / I drink carbonated water pretty much every night when I’m hanging out in an effort to avoid snacking. I use Mio to flavor it and also as a mixer when I drink tequila. Apple and tequila go surprisingly well together!  I have a SodaStream and LOVE this flavor.

Christmas with the Kranks / Every Christmas I look forward to watching this movie. No one does Christmas movies like Tim Allen- The Santa Clause, and he also came out with a new one on Netflix called “El Camino Christmas” that I also really enjoyed.

Brain Fog / I needed this book and didn’t even know it. This is written by a therapist that recommends changing your diet and lifestyle to improve your mood and brain function.  This book made me focus on incorporating as many vegetables into my meals lately as possible and to take as many processed foods and sugar out of it.

This post / I talked about a leather jacket that I found that you need, a simple hairstyle that I started doing when I’m lazy but need to look okay, and a going out makeup look. It’s a favorite because I love how the look turned out and I feel like it’s one of my go to looks when I’m not feeling all that creative with my makeup.

I’m excited to share more of my favorite products in the new year! Thank you for reading as always. 🙂


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