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Best Self Tanning Products

Darkest Fake Tan blog post

Over the years I have tried so many self tanning methods and feel like I have it down.  I wanted to share the range of types from lightest to darkest, so no matter what you’re looking for you can find a good suggestion here if you want some color. My personal strategy with tanning is to get it as dark and affordable as possible because I do it so often. I’ll start with the lightest and go down to the darkest shades.  

Darkest Fake Tanner

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Trying out Pumpkin Spice Natural Deodorant | Native Review

IMG_2233With all the popularity of aluminum free deodorants recently, I totally ignored the idea of switching over.  I REEK without deodorant, and I’m not ashamed to admit that.  I am someone who applies it as soon as I get out of the shower, and before bed at night sometimes. As soon as it wears off I’m immediately not covered in that department and it’s not a good situation.  The first thing that made me want to try it out was a recommendation from someone I know who was reliant on normal deodorant. She said Native actually worked so it got me interested.

Deodorant has not been linked to causing cancer, but I wanted to at least try the natural route to see if it was an acceptable replacement. I liked the idea of it because it does seem unnatural/ possibly unhealthy to block that natural process of sweating out toxins, especially near my chest.  I was hopeful this would keep my underarms fresh, but I wasn’t actually enthusiastic about it.  My threshold for testing deodorants or really any beauty products is asking myself “would I wear this to a wedding?”  Weddings are the ultimate time where I feel like I have to feel my best which means maintaining a high level of being ultra sweat and smell proof, so this is a tough standard for products to live up to.

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What’s on me rn |Non-Glam Weekday

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Happy Wednesday! I had a realization that today I’m wearing a whole bunch of things that are everyday favorites and staples in my life.  It’s a super basic outfit and showcases what I look like on a typical workday. 

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Hygge HydraClay Detox Mask by Ole Henriksen

I’m having some super fun hormonal breakouts at the moment and have been on a masking overdrive. Between all the clay masks, charcoal, and glycolic acid, my spots are getting less swollen, but still giving me annoying texture and redness on my face.  Influenster sent me the Ole Henriksen Hygge Hydraclay Mask, which I wanted to do a review on.  Off topic but when I was out at my parents’ place the morning before I tried this  for the first time, I told my dad I wanted to go relax and put on my new face mask.  He asked, “spiderman or batman?”  lol.

When I pick up face masks I usually go for acne fighting ones rather than moisturizing. I was excited to try this mask because it goes the pampering route to give my hormonal skin a big dose of moisture rather than being harsh on the breakouts.  This was my first time trying a Ole Henriksen product and it didn’t disappoint.

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Affordable Acne- Fighting Skincare

Starting a skincare regimen can seem overwhelming and expensive.  For years it always seemed like pricey department store counter products had the best ingredients, but that is totally not true. In my experience, oddly the most important aspect of skin products are the active ingredients. Everything I have bought in the more expensive category tends to be full of fragrance and oils that have no positive effects on my skin more often than not.  I have found some awesome products that are not overpriced and actually work on my acne prone oily skin.


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August 2017 Favorites | Beauty & Bachelor in Paradise

For this month’s favorites I tried to keep the descriptions short and sweet. These posts are my all time favorite to write so I tend to get carried away raving about all these things…


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My Matte Skin MUST Haves

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 6.08.47 PM

Happy Friday Eve! Did you guys watch the Bachelorette? Cannot wait to find out who our next Bachelor will be, and Bach in Paradise starts next week. Please don’t unfollow me for loving trash TV…. ❤  These are all the products I use when I’m going to be sweating, exposed to the outdoors, in heavy clothing or any shoe with a heel that makes me exert myself a little more than usual, a social situation where I can’t touch up, or anytime I’ll be wearing a full face of makeup for a long time.  Something about my face just wants to produce that oil that melts off makeup. I have found some awesome stuff that doesn’t let that happen.

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Shower Stuff | Gym Bag Edition

I thought it would be fun to give you a peek into some of the body products I use every morning. I talk about makeup often, but sadly I don’t really wear it to work which is where I live a good majority of my life. Reasons for that being that I’m at work early, spend the day with a group of people that don’t care how I look, and a bare face keeps my skin nicer.  The body products are really what I should talk about more often because they’re what get used every single day and I repurchase them the most.

My weekday morning routine goes like this- wake up, put on gym clothes picked out from the night before, grab my lunch & gym bag which has my shower stuff & work clothes, drive to 24 Hour Fitness, sweat, shower there, and head to work. The following products are what I use in the shower.

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Face Masks for Oily Skin

I try to do a mask once or twice a week at least. I have found a few that I absolutely love and aren’t overpriced. I can confidently recommend all of these for oily acne prone skin.


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July 2017 Favorites

IMG_0500July being over means it is one step closer to fall!  I’m already burning Bath & Body Works candles (Warm Vanilla Sugar at the moment) and ready to stop jacking up my electricity bill with the AC blasting. I’ll start with the beauty products I’ve been loving this month.

nudestix whisper mystic

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