I created this blog to be a place for me to share the things I like with others.  I spend way too much of my free time on blogs, Pinterest, and Youtube, so why not make content of my own?  I love talking to my closest friends about the fashion and beauty finds that I’m loving at any moment, so I’m looking forward to having another place to do the same thing here.

I hope that I can inspire someone else and be inspired by others who also enjoy anything fashion and beauty related!


My black cat Prince

LIPSTICK & all makeup

Makeup and Fashion YouTubers (check out my favorites here)

Pumpkin flavored food and drinks

Workout apparel

Autumn weather:  rain, under 65 degrees Fahrenheit, clouds, etc.

Reality shows- Bachelor/ Bachelorette, WAGS, Teen Mom 2, Kardashians. (Khloe retweeted me once!)

Living in Oregon

Planning trips with friends


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