Review: CoverGirl Katy Kat Matte Lipsticks

Review: CoverGirl Katy Kat Matte Lipsticks


Cats & Mattes- The first time I saw the Katy Kat Matte lipstick line on Instagram, I was excited by the whole idea of this new collaboration with Katy Perry. Typically, CoverGirl products are low on my radar and seem to be for a younger demographic.  This launch seemed different for the brand, and I cant get enough matte lipsticks so this was right up my alley.  Here are my thoughts on the shades I picked up:

The finish on these are described as demi- matte and moisturizing.  When I first got a glimpse of these I was hoping they would be similar to Maybelline’s Color Sensational Creamy Mattes line in terms of the formula. The Maybelline mattes have an opaque long lasting finish that I love.

I purchased the shades Kitty Purry and Catoure.  Kitty Purry is a cool toned pink, and Catoure is a soft light brownish nude.  Unfortunately I can’t say these are on the same caliber as the Maybelline lipsticks.  These are definitely not matte by my standards, and I find them a bit sheer.  I like a matte lipstick that won’t budge.  It took about 2 layers to get the full color payoff, and even then it has a bit of a sheer look to it.  Kitty Purry is better than Catoure in my opinion. When I put on Catoure, it has a lot of slip to it, which leads me to draw outside the lines. I like over lining my lips, but this was in a messy way.

In my collection I have a few CoverGirl lipsticks that I really like. This formula isn’t any more matte than those ones, so I am not sure why they are marketed as a matte lipstick.  They aren’t bad, but they aren’t MATTE. I will continue to wear Kitty Purry because I really like the color and I don’t have many other pink shades like it.  To make Catoure work, it could be nicer on top of a nude or brown lip pencil liner to help it stay put.

Wear time – Kitty Purry faded to a pink stain in about 1.5 hours. During that time I was just sitting at my desk sipping tea from a mug so it has not been a particularly strenuous wear test.   If I had been eating something this would be long gone. My lips have felt moisturized while wearing it.

The color range of these is beautiful.  There were a few more shades that caught my eye and looked very wearable.  Although, now that I have tried them out, I won’t be purchasing any additional colors.  I would recommend these for someone who wants a lightweight and comfortable lipstick with a satin/ slightly shiny finish.  If you are a matte lover like me, these may not be your favorite.


Catoure in natural light


Catoure swatch with flash


wearing Kitty Purry


wearing Kitty Purry



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