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September 2017 Favorites

September went by so fast! I’m loving every day that it doesn’t hit above 75.  Check out my favorites from this month:

september favorites

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Wishlist Wednesday |Fall 2017 Nail Polishes

ww nail polishes

I’ve been on such a nail polish and nail painting kick recently that I needed to do a Wishlist Wednesday post on all the shades I’ve been eyeing.  I haven’t always been a DIY manicure person- years ago I used to go get gels and acrylic nails all the time, wasting a ton of money and ruining my nails.

While I love how gels look and last, I have plenty of other frivolous things to waste my money on, so I opt for painting my fingers and toes myself.  It so relaxing to go through the process of base coat, color, gel coat (Essie Platinum Gel Couture is everything), and fast dry top coat.  Another thing I don’t miss about getting my nails done was sitting in the salon for hours, then hoping they were dried all the way before I left.  I could always count on getting them dinged up reaching for my wallet or car keys before I could even get out of the parking lot. Anyway, here are the polishes on my wishlist-

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Fall 2017 Colourpop Haul

I made a Colourpop order at the beginning of this month that I thought I would share. They have great prices and products and are literally always coming out with new releases.  I tried to get the swatches in a few different lightings so you can see really get an idea of how they look.  Read the rest of this entry »

New Lipstick, Lashes, & Red Eyeshadow Look

Hello! For this post I wanted to talk about some new lashes and a lipstick I’m currently loving, plus a red eyeshadow look I did last night with the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette.

iikonn black magic


I found Iikonn Lashes through Instagram, and went to purchase the style Black Magic. Ever since trying Koko Stella lashes, I’ve been getting more into super long styles.  These ones looked beautiful online, so I went ahead and got Black Magic and Slay.  These lashes are PRICEY, so I was expecting a lot from them because I’m wearing them to a wedding this weekend. I wasn’t disappointed when they came in the mail. The lash band is thin, they are ultra lightweight, and super long.  These are stunner lashes that made my eyeshadow instantly look 10x more glam than with just mascara. I reached out to iikonn for a coupon code- kimandmakeup gets you 30% off. This is my first coupon code so if you use it, thank you!

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Fenty Beauty Foundation Review


I’m a big Rihanna fan, but when Fenty Beauty was first revealed there was nothing I wanted.  Trophy Wife, the beaming yellow gold highlight was beautiful in the pan, but looked like something for dark skin tones.  The Match Stix were a good idea and cream contouring is huge right now, but I feel like I can buy good ones at the drugstore.  Everything was a pass for me, including the foundation and primer.  I have so many foundations so I don’t usually jump on new releases, but when I was watching reviews my mind was changed.

I bought the Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation on Monday because all the reviews were saying how nice it was for oily skin.  My skin is a greasy mess so I was definitely interested. I went into the Sephora inside the JcPenney store in an effort to avoid a crowd at the main store.  Everything was perfectly stocked and there was no one around so I was able to swatch a ton of the shades and walk around for a few minutes to see how they dried down on my arm.

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What’s on me rn |Non-Glam Weekday

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Happy Wednesday! I had a realization that today I’m wearing a whole bunch of things that are everyday favorites and staples in my life.  It’s a super basic outfit and showcases what I look like on a typical workday. 

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Hygge HydraClay Detox Mask by Ole Henriksen

I’m having some super fun hormonal breakouts at the moment and have been on a masking overdrive. Between all the clay masks, charcoal, and glycolic acid, my spots are getting less swollen, but still giving me annoying texture and redness on my face.  Influenster sent me the Ole Henriksen Hygge Hydraclay Mask, which I wanted to do a review on.  Off topic but when I was out at my parents’ place the morning before I tried this  for the first time, I told my dad I wanted to go relax and put on my new face mask.  He asked, “spiderman or batman?”  lol.

When I pick up face masks I usually go for acne fighting ones rather than moisturizing. I was excited to try this mask because it goes the pampering route to give my hormonal skin a big dose of moisture rather than being harsh on the breakouts.  This was my first time trying a Ole Henriksen product and it didn’t disappoint.

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Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer Inspired Smokey Eye Makeup



Teen Mom 2 is my embarrassing guilty pleasure show. I guess I’m not the only one because my most viewed blog post is my other Chelsea Houska DeBoer inspired makeup look.  I wanted to do another one because her makeup this week was super pretty- a dark smokey eye with winged liner and a mid tone nude lip.  I don’t use a lot of black eyeshadow so I was inspired to amp up what I usually go for with some for this look and I really liked how it turned out.  


1. Maybelline Fit Me powder to set my eye primer (Nars concealer today)

2. Ludwin (peach) as a transition shade blended all over the lid and high-ish up in the crease.

3. Succubus (rust) lower in the crease and all over the lid.

4.  Shax (black) focused on the outer corner and blended with a fluffy brush on the entire outer half of my lid.

5. Lots of blending back and forth with Succubus and Shax until I got it to the level I wanted. After a few rounds it morphed into a dark taupe with almost warm purple undertones from the rust and black combined.  

6. I used the shadows leftover on my brush to do the bottom lash line and honestly I wish I had added some more smokey-ness down there after I was done with my concealer- I forgot!

7. Since it was a Chelsea inspired look I skipped my typical bright light waterline and added brown pencil liner on the upper tight line and smudged into my lower lashes. It looks like she does a black waterline which I just can’t get myself to do because it makes my eyes look SO red and small, but I faked it with lots of mascara on the lower lashes, smudging brown around that area, and leaving my waterline bare.

I also used…

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End of Summer Makeup |Winged Liner + Mauve Lip

When I sat down to do my makeup last night, I wanted to do something fall-ish because I’ve been pinning nonstop plaid/ pumpkin/ boots/ all that.  It has been SO smokey here in Oregon from all the fires, and it basically looks like a cloudy fall day when I’m sitting at work in the cold AC.  Then I step outside into 89 degree weather and get upset/ confused.

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Concealer Nude Lipstick Swatches

48EEB6BA-2601-4070-B265-06A457933045Part of me never grew out of the smokey eye + tan + concealer nude lip makeup trend of 2003-10ish. While I usually wear more medium neutral nude lipsticks lately, there are days where I enjoy getting the concealer lip look.  In my early days of makeup I used to actually use concealer and Burt’s Bees Lifeguard’s choice, but have thankfully strayed away from that at this point. To pull it off now, I start with a lip liner. MAC Cork or Oak are the perfect bases for an ultra nude lipstick.  Something about the tone of them makes the lighter lipstick transition more gracefully.  I love wearing light lips because it seems to make me look more tan and draws attention to my eye makeup.

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