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Trying New Hair Care Products

Hair products are something I don’t try out extremely often because I find that it takes SO long to use them up. I don’t do a lot of styling unless I’m going out, so my routine usually just consists of shampoo, conditioner, leave in stuff of some kind, and dry shampoo as the week goes on. However, recently I have picked up some great new products that I will be incorporating step up my hair care routine for spring and summer.


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Review & Copper Eye Look | MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Lit Powder

I recently picked up the Make Up For Ever Star Lit powder in Copper from Sephora. I had heard a few youtubers talk about the product and my curiosity got the best of me. MUFE has had diamond powders for a long time that I have always wanted, but never actually pulled the trigger on. They aren’t sold in stores and I was too lazy to purchase them off the MUFE website.

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Recent Beauty Buy Fails

I write a lot about the products that are amazing, but today I wanted to do a short post on the purchases that didn’t work out so well.

Smashbox Spotlight Palette by Casey Holmes

Last week I ordered the Smashbox Casey Holmes Gold Spotlight Palette. I went for Gold with the idea that it would look beautiful on tan skin and didn’t have the peachy pearl look that the other palette had.  When I received it, I was so disappointed. The colors were barely pigmented and the third shade in the gold palette was SO powdery and skipped as I swatched it. I thought these were going to be smooth, pigmented, and creamy feeling highlighters. The second shade was ORANGE. I would only be able to use it as an eyeshadow.  Of course for someone with deeper skin this could look nice, but the quality was bad.  The photo below shows the Gold Spotlight palette swatch- I had to build up three layers for these swatches to show up.

I went to Sephora to exchange it for the Pearl palette. Pearl was much better quality and the colors were beautiful but they were still quite powdery. They reminded me of an Anastasia eyeshadow that is pigmented but has kick up.  The third shade in the palette looked like Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie with silver glitter flakes. Pearl also didn’t give me gold tones that I was looking for. I left the store without purchasing it. 


Casey Holmes x Smashbox Gold Spotlight Palette

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Kylie Kylighter Review & Giveaway

When Kylie revealed her Kylighters on Snapchat a few weeks back, I was so excited. I was freaking out with my friends talking about which ones we wanted, and speculating on the quality of them. She didn’t show herself actually swatching them so that was iffy.  It likely meant that they had to be built up a few layers to get good pigmentation. The packaging was beautiful- minimal, creamy pastel patent shiny cardboard with a mirror. I loved the aesthetic of the collection and the colors that she chose. I immediately wanted French Vanilla and Salted Caramel. (The names make it even more appealing.)

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Amazon Beauty Favorites

I’m a self- proclaimed Amazon junkie. There is no better or more convenient place for finding a good deal. I have found some major treasures browsing Amazon that I would like to share. These are all tried and true products for me that I would definitely recommend and repurchase!



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Romantic Red & Pink Smokey Eye Makeup

I mentioned Make Up For Ever Pro Light Fusion 01 Golden Pink in my February favorites, and I wanted to share this look that featured it quite a bit.  I love doing highlighters as eyeshadow because it’s just so easy and takes a product away from the routine. Plus I get more use out of my beautiful highlighters and since I already put them on the inner corner, why not extend it to the lid? The products I used are listed below and are some of my all time favorites.


Make Up For Ever 01 Golden Pink Pro Light Fusion Highlighter

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Ulta Hair Treatment Service Review

This past Friday I headed over to Ulta on my lunch break after booking an appointment for a hair treatment. I knew they had a salon in the back, but had never checked out their services until my coworker told me that she loves their hair treatments.  I had some extra time and an after hours work event to go to. My hair was on dry shampoo day and I didn’t feel like washing it, so I booked the “clarifying treatment” on their website. There were only two options (neither of which sounded like the one my coworker had) so I picked this one with the intention of asking the stylist for a deep conditioning treatment.


Here’s where you click on the left side of Ulta’s website!

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Simple ABH Modern Renaissance Pallete Makeup

I had a bad makeup day the other day- one of those where I tried to do something different but really didn’t have a good idea in mind. It went wrong and I made me discouraged, so I picked up my Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance palette the next time I did my makeup. I love this palette and did what never fails me- an orange eye. This turned out nicely I think. I know it’s nothing crazy different or unique as far as makeup looks go, but sometimes I need that to keep my sanity!!  I forget that every look doesn’t need to be jaw dropping or a work of art that noone has seen before.

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February 2017 Favorites

Hi everyone! This February has been a good one. I hope you had a good Valentines day, whether single or in a relationship.  It’s been an exciting time to start seeing all the new products that makeup and fashion brands come out with for spring and summer. Something about this time of year always gets me in trouble and makes me want to buy shoes… is anyone else like that? Anyway, keep reading to hear my favorites from this past month.


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Makeup Geek Staple Shadows

My friend was shopping for some new makeup and asked me which palette she should pick.  When I was thinking which one I would choose if I could only pick one, it was tough to answer.  I recommended Tarte’s Tartelette in Bloom because it has a color selection that does mostly everything I need.  It has neutral and warm matte reds, browns, and creams, two super dark mattes to intensify looks, and some neutral shimmers in bronze, taupe, and cream.


We decided she should get single shadows and create her own dream palette. She isn’t a palette collector, so she really just needs something that can kind of do it all. I built a collage of what I would choose for eye shadow singles if I was starting all over again, basing it loosely on the Tarte palette with a few more warm browns and oranges thrown in to get the ideal palette for any look she wants to do. I wanted to share this for anyone out there that is wanting to start a custom eye shadow palette.  The colors I chose are a mix of dusty purple, warm brown, reds, shimmers, neutrals, transition shades, and oranges.

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