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Face Masks for Oily Skin

I try to do a mask once or twice a week at least. I have found a few that I absolutely love and aren’t overpriced. I can confidently recommend all of these for oily acne prone skin.


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July 2017 Favorites

IMG_0500July being over means it is one step closer to fall!  I’m already burning Bath & Body Works candles (Warm Vanilla Sugar at the moment) and ready to stop jacking up my electricity bill with the AC blasting. I’ll start with the beauty products I’ve been loving this month.

nudestix whisper mystic

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Bridal Shower Makeup + Koko Stella Lash Love ✨

Usually I stay away from thick dramatic lashes. With my round eye shape I have to do everything I can to not make them look closed off- this means I go for wispy long lashes or ones that have more of a clustered look like Bambie from House of Lashes or Ardell 600 style. I saw roryp_ on insta use these lashes though, and had to get them for myself. I took a leap out of my comfort zone and am so happy I did. While these are more on the dramatic side, they are a bit clustered. The clusters are thick and these lashes are LONG, but they totally work.  

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The Coffee Addict’s Guide to Affordable Teeth Whitening



As someone who enjoys frequently staining my teeth with coffee, tea, beer, wine, etc., I definitely have to keep up on maintenance for whitening my teeth. Today I wanted to talk about all the methods I have tried throughout the years.

My first whitening experience was with one of those brush on pens that immediately wash away after you apply them- pointless. I moved on to Crest White Strips which is probably the most popular to most people. I started using them in high school and I was psycho enough about wanting white teeth as a teenager to SLEEP WITH THEM IN ALL NIGHT. My teeth were very sensitive but I thought I was invincible so that didn’t stop me.  I used them throughout the years but wasn’t crazy about spending $45+ on a box every few months so I switched to Plus White. If you haven’t tried white strips, they definitely work. They get gooey and full of drool as you wear them but it’s not a dealbreaker.  The 3D white ones are my favorites.

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Best of Tarte

tarte must haves

Basically this is a concentrated version of a favorites post from me. Instead of showing you all my holy grails, I basically filter it by brand. All of the products mentioned are Tarte products I feel like I get my money’s worth out of and have recommended to friends.

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Makeup Look | Tan & Non-Tan

Confession- I don’t have makeup for my lightest level. Everything I own is for either a healthy dose Banana Boat Summer Color or a deep level of Loving Tan Ultra Dark.

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How to Trim Lashes without Losing Length

I think it is so important to trim falsies before wearing them to get the most seamless look. Falsies are amazing for transforming a makeup look but if they’re poking the inner corner or extending past your outer corner no one is going to be looking past that.

A few months ago I came up with a hack to trim them while still keeping all the length. I’ve heard that some people actually trim the inner corner because they don’t like getting rid of the tail that usually has the longest part of the lash. This is mortifying to me (sorry dramatic) because the inner side is tapered to blend in well with your natural lashes. Here is a little pictorial of how to do my “hack”! Read the rest of this entry »

Warm Matte Shadows Palette

FacetuneRow 1: MUG Chickadee, MUG early bird, MUG desert sands, LOOXI wheatness, MUG tiki hut, MUG preppy, ABH custard, MUG mirage

Row 2: MUG Poppy, MORPHE hunts, MORPHE Roxanne, MUG cabin fever, ABH blazing, MORPHE jacz, MUG cherry cola, MORPHE chip

Row 3: MUG White lies, MUG peach smoothie, MORPHE butter, MUG bake sale, MUG Tuscan sun, MUG Wild West, MUG cocoa bear, MORPHE buns

Row 4: MUG Corrupt, MORPHE Central Park, MUG taboo, MUG vintage, MUG unexpected, MUG bandwagon, MAC scene, MUG fashion addict

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Golden Caramel Eye Look + Lip Combo I Love


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For this shadow look I used quite a few of he shades from the new Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette, with a couple other of my favorite brands thrown in. Usually I go for more rose gold tones than straight gold or yellow gold, but I was trying to feel more tan than pink this day and I love how the look turned out.   One of my favorite aspects of the look was the inner corner highlight- Enlight by Morphe was so bright it looked like I had photoshopped on the pigment. Read the rest of this entry »

Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette | Depotting & Thoughts


I decided to ignore all of  the controversial drama surrounding this release and try it myself because of the color selection.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, search “morphe jaclyn” on Reddit. The cake gate is my personal fave.

 I used to have a few Morphe palettes that I got rid of- the packaging is huge and cheap plastic. The formula wasn’t awful but was dusty and I just never reached for it. The potential different formula in the new Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette was appealing to me. Jaclyn based this palette off her personal “life palette” aka single shadows in a Z Palette that she had curated.

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