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Casual Day Out Look & Stila Illuminating BB Review

It’s currently the Tuesday back to work after the long Memorial Day weekend as I’m writing this. Instead of thinking about work, I’m going to talk about one of the makeup looks I did this weekend that was a bit different for me. I tried out two new products and went quite minimal (for me) with my look. It was hot outside and I was going out for lunch and drinks in Portland so I didn’t want to pile on a heavy face that would look awful in a few hours. My eyeshadow was ultra simple- I used the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye palette for all my mattes and a new Colourpop pressed powder shadow in Come and Get It for the lid. The placement of all the shades I used are listed below. This is the first time I have used a Colourpop pressed shadow and I thought it was great. This particular color had a gorgeous gold and pink duochrome that was really light but also brought some rose gold to my look.  The pink stood out more than I originally thought it would. It had creased a bit by the end of the day but nothing that really bothered me.

Stila Illuminating Beauty Balm Review

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Colourpop Haul | Lipstick, Bronzer, Eyeshadow, Highlighter

Colourpop has been a brand I have gone back and forth with loving and not loving. They have a lot of the more trendy shades that drugstores don’t and at $5 or $6, are usually more affordable. My only annoying experience with them was when their liquid satin formula stained my lips bright pink no matter what color I tried. Other than a few duds, their ultra mattes are one of the first formulas that made me fall in love with liquid lipsticks.  It has been awhile since I explored their site, so I picked up some new products.


Little Weapon, Topaz Highlight & Bronzer Duo

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What’s in my Bag? Spring- Summer Tote Edition

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Lip Combo I Love | WEARABLE Brown Lipstick

Do you have lipsticks in your collection that you’re intimidated by but love all the same? That’s my relationship with Anastasia Beverly Hills Ashton liquid lipstick. I’ve had it for about 6 months now and sadly haven’t worn it out of the house yet. Whenever I see someone else wearing it it looks beautiful, but when I put it on it always seemed to ruin every look. It was too dark even when I was at my tannest. I was trying to get out of my comfort zone playing with makeup the other day and I finally made it work! When it first goes on, it looks DARK. Like a latte with two tablespoons of creamer. *Artsy description I know* jk but it definitely went on too dark again when I applied it. HOWEVER, before I had the chance to wipe it off and try something else, it dried down to the most beautiful sienna brown. It wasn’t too dark at all, but the perfect brown. I was kind of stunned. 

ABH Ashton liquid lipstick

Koko Queen B lashes, MUFE 3C liner, Anastasia Ashton

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Light Coverage Foundation| Wishlist Wednesday

Last week I wrote up a post on my favorite lightweight foundations. As I’ve grown up I’ve become more interested in sheer foundations. I used to be all about heavy full coverage mattifying ones that hid my flaws. While I still love going all out with foundations like that sometimes, now I lean more to lighter coverage base products that layer really nicely and just even out my skin tone with a nice finish. A lot of foundations out there are more full coverage, so that’s mostly what I currently own at the moment.  Here are some of the foundations I’d love to try to get that glowy lightly perfected but natural skin look.

sheer foundations

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Lightweight Foundations for Oily Skin

Light weight foundations oily skin foundation

With the weather heating up, I find myself leaning toward lighter coverage foundations. I’ve mentioned before that I think one of the prettiest looks is “model” skin.  I try to achieve this look with an almost- transparent foundation that evens out my skintone and doesn’t look dull or cakey.


After I put a lightweight foundation on, I still add concealer, setting powder, under eye powders, bronzer, contour, blush, highlight, etc.  The end result still ends up looking quite full coverage.  There are also days where I just do a sheer base, mascara, lip gloss, and I’m done. The following foundations work for both looks.  I am very oily so even my lightweight foundations need to do some work to stay on my skin.

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2017 Birthday Beauty Wishlist

This is my birthday wishlist. I’m extremely early (July 2nd is my 26th bday), but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared right? I’m not expecting to get any/ all of this stuff, but coming up with a list in the first place is half the fun for me. I’ll start with palettes. As a makeup obsessed person, I have way too many palettes and eyeshadow colors, but I always want more.  

2017 birthday wishlist

Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette / I am so curious about how the formula of these perform, and I like the color combination. I’ve heard you can’t beat the purple in this, and I get a ton of use out of oranges.

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Night Out Look: Soft Glam + Red Lips

This past Friday I went out for Cinco De Mayo with some friends and wanted to wear a bright red lipstick. I mostly have dark red lipsticks in my collection so I opted for another one that I knew would stay on all night- Urban Decay’s Rock Steady Vice Liquid Lipstick. I paired it with some mustard yellows and Bobbi Brown Camel- type colors that I absolutely love wearing when it gets warmer out. To make the red lip the focus of my face I didn’t go too crazy with glitter on the lid- just a nice line of Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy glitter liner above my wing. I absolutely love all the products I used! 

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Long Hair Hot Rolling Tips & Tricks

If you haven’t tried hot rollers yet, let me tell you why they are amazing.  If you struggle with getting volume or are on ~3rd day blah limp hair, hot rollers can save the day without having to go through the washing process. They give bouncy volume like that of a fresh blowout.  I tried a set of hot rollers the summer after my senior year of highschool (2009) that I was gifted, and I liked how they gave my hair volume. I didn’t know how to apply them though, and I looked like Shirley Temple.


Beachy Hair goal! Source- Pinterest

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Wishlist Wednesday: GUCCI

gg wishlist

So I’m more on an Asos budget than a Gucci one at the moment, but I can dream! These are some of the items on my wishlist:


Belt $420 / So many fashion bloggers have this beautiful belt. I’m definitely jealous and can’t justify that. If I ever find a dupe I will share it here! I absolutely love the G’s that look like this from the brand.

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