Go To Shoes Lately | Fall & Winter 2016

Go To Shoes Lately | Fall & Winter 2016

Shoes are my weakness.  I can always justify a cute new pair of boots, booties, or comfortable sneakers. Today I wanted to show the shoes I have been wearing nonstop for the past few months.

The first category is my personal favorite- comfy! I have a job where I wake up extremely early and pick out a casual outfit (I feel lucky that I get to wear jeans/ leggings!), so these are the pairs of shoes I have been reaching for every day. Pretty much my go to outfit is a cool pair of shoes, black leggings, tshirt, and long baggy sweater or cardigan.

Comfort & Daily


Adidas Tubular

I switched from Nike to team Adidas! My company gave us a pass to the Adidas store here in Portland (50% off everything!!) and I grabbed these black Adidas Tubulars. I weirdly didn’t have a pair of plain black sneakers. They go with everything and are so badass looking with every outfit.


High Top Converse

I have had these for a year now and they are still going so strong! I feel like not many people have this burgundy color, and Converse are so classic.


Sketchers Cozies

I can’t believe I’m talking about SKETCHERS. This brand has always been the mini van of shoes in my eyes, but I was buying a pair (different style) for my mom for Christmas, and came across these sneaker boots. Something about them was so appealing to me- a cross between Uggs, sneakers, and black booties. I felt like a grandma ordering them and was very skeptical on whether I’d keep them. The moment I put them on though, I knew I couldn’t return them. CLOUDS. They have this “goga mat” technology, like a yoga mat, and they are so comfortable. I have seen some other amazing sneaker boots by Rebecca Minkoff and American Eagle. I love this trend!


Fuzzy Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks may be extremely hippie/ granola, but I’m all about them. In the summer I live in my sandal Birks, and this season I have been living in these mocha Boston Shearling Birkenstocks! I may need an un- fuzzy version sometime soon.  I wear them like slippers around my apartment.



Uggs will always be in rotation for me. I don’t care how ugly these are to other people.  I grabbed these from Hautelook last year on sale. They are actually Men’s Uggs. They are still available in a mini style. I love the “bomber” fabric that looks a little distressed because they don’t look as dirty.

Dressy & Going Out


I mentioned these sock booties in my November Favorites. I purchased them on Amazon as a dupe for the Steve Madden Edit booties I had been eyeing. They look so cute and trendy for dressing up an outfit for day or going out at night. I got a ton of compliments the last time I wore them. Pretty much everything I was wearing that night was from Amazon which was awkward to tell people when they asked where my stuff was from.. but I love these and definitely recommend them!


Jeffrey Campbell Calhoun 2 Suede Booties are good in every season in my eyes. They freeze me when it’s cold, but beauty is pain. These are more of a fall shoe though if the weather isn’t good.


Another Amazon dupe! I wear these ones in the fall more as well because they are so open. They are so cute and I like the fairly low heel.


So I gave in and ordered the real deal Steve Madden Edit booties. These are in Grey Velvet. They remind me of a little grey bunny. They scuff ridiculously easy and are a little tall for me, but I couldn’t resist. They are STUNNING. They are a little more fun than black, but the grey is still neutral enough to match a lot of outfits. The velvet is so girly and adds a beautiful shine and texture.

These are Sole Patches. Since I’m a wimp with sensitive feet I popped them into the Steve Madden booties when I wore them out this weekend. They can be added directly on the shoe like you can see I did below, or directly onto your foot.  I like getting more uses out of them, so I prefer to put them directly on the heel of the shoe. Adding pads like these are definitely worth it if you want to wear cute tall heels for long periods of time. I was sent these Sole Patches to try after signing up for Brand Backer! I’m not getting paid to talk about them, and this is the first product I have EVER been sent, so I’m pretty excited about it.


Hope you liked my shoe picks for this winter! Please let me know if you have any I should check out or if you plan on looking into any I mentioned. 🙂


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  1. December 16, 2016 / 12:13 pm

    I love shoes! My closet used to look like a shoe store. But I got rid of a bunch I never wear anymore. Still got a lot though. I miss having a job I can wear jeans to every day (current job only lets me on Friday).

  2. December 17, 2016 / 5:50 pm

    Those velvet ones 🙌🏼😍😍

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