Current Skincare Routine | Hydration & Acne Prevention for Oily Skin

Current Skincare Routine | Hydration & Acne Prevention for Oily Skin

In my last post I mentioned that I’m really focused on hydrating my skin. I have a few serums and oils that I’m adding in to get a little more juice and glowiness in my skin, and I wanted to lay out how I incorporate them into my routine without making things too complicated. Before this whole hydration kick I was really focused on cell turnover and exfoliation for preventing aging and healing up breakouts. Between hormones and oily skin, I often have clogged pores and closed comedones under and around my jaw.  


Getting acne under control takes a long time and starts from the inside out.  Changing pillow cases, adjusting my diet, and chemical exfoliation MAJORLY helped me decrease breakouts.  Right now I’m trying to wean off using acids all the time.

In my opinion, prevention is really key.  To prevent bacteria from getting in and causing acne, it is important to have a healthy skin barrier and lipid layer that acts like a roadblock.  This article I found explains the function of the skin barrier and what can damage it better than I can.



Cleanse with Panoxyl or Acure scrub

Nip + Fab Glycolic Extreme wipe (once or twice a week)

Moisturize with Ponds Dry Skin Cream

SPF / this if I have a tan or this



Cleanse with Philosophy Purity or Jack Black Glycolic cleanser

I either use a Stridex pad  once or twice a week, or do a face spray (this or this) then wipe a cotton pad all over my skin to get off any extra gunk left over that washing my face didn’t get off

Serum (this if I have a zit, this, or this)

Moisturize with Egyptian Magic, Cerave, or Bio Oil



I like to add in a mask once a week or more- I talk about all my favorites here.

Once a week I’ve also been doing a high frequency facial massage at home.  I’ll be getting into this more in another post.

 Dermaplane with these before a special occasion

There are days where all I can do is splash water on my face (or use Purity cleanser if I had on makeup) before bed and throw on Cerave lotion.  Having a whole skincare routine can sound exhausting at first, but once you get it down it is soothing to do before hopping into bed. If I need to get in a mask, face massage, apply self tan, teeth whitening, or anything extra after work, I literally add it to my planner either morning of or beginning of the week. I look forward to pampering myself and making the time for it.


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