Haul: Birthday + June Beauty Purchases

Haul: Birthday + June Beauty Purchases

Hi! Lately I have accumulated some awesome new products I wanted to talk about.  There are a good mix of new releases, wishlist items, and repurchases.  It was my birthday July 2, so I also mentioned a couple of the beauty products my amazing friends gifted to me.


The new Bare Minerals Gen Nude liquid lipsticks are such a great formula and are extremely comfortable.  They do not dry down COMPLETELY matte, but have more of a satin or regular matte lipstick feel.  They swatch fairly sheer on my hand, but with two coats you have full color payoff. I have been into pink nudes lately, which is reflected in my color choices- Smooch, Kissyface, and Wink.  To help choose shades, I referenced Shelbey Ashburn’s swatch video of the full Bare Minerals Gen Nude collection.  I think it is so cool how Bare Minerals came out with their lipsticks as a full range of wearable nude shades rather than being all over the color spectrum.


The Kylie Cosmetics products were another present that I was thrilled to receive.  The Kardashians and Jenners can do no wrong in my eyes, and I am one of their biggest fans.  The Exposed lip kit is a perfect light peachy nude, and I am almost even more excited about the lip liner that comes with it since I don’t have too many lip liners to pair with ultra light nude lipsticks.  The gloss in the shade Literally is the perfect neutral nude gloss to wear alone or on top of Exposed.  I am excited to add it to my small collection of lip glosses.


If I had known I was going to be owning the Exposed lip liner, I may not have bought the Too Faced Lip Liner.  It has been on my wishlist for quite awhile, and with being into ultra nudes lately, I felt like I needed a lip liner that wasn’t too dark to pair with certain light colors.  I really like the packaging and formula of this one so far, but I haven’t worn it yet.  On that same order from Ulta, I purchased the Tarte blush.  The shade Sensual is so neutral that it almost looks like it would not show up, but it definitely does.  It gives a subtle blush to the cheeks if you want something with just a touch of color.  I have been dying to try Tarte blushes, and when I saw this color I knew it was definitely time to check them out!


Smashbox’s liquid lip color in Big Spender might be one of the most beautiful colors I have laid my eyes on.  This was a birthday gift from one of my best friends.  I have not seen very much information about these liquid lipsticks on Youtube or Instagram, but maybe I just haven’t been paying attention!  This one is different from the Bare Minerals because it dries fully matte.  It has a formula that is still comfortable though.  I wore this on July fourth, and am definitely going to be getting a ton of use out of it.  It did not last through a burger, but it is easy to apply and can be layered/ reapplied without getting chunky or flaking.


I went to Walgreens to repurchase heat protectant spray and also ended up with two more hair products.  Where has the Garnier Texture Tease been all my life? This spray reminds me of the Dry Bar Triple Sec Texturizer Spray, but with a bit more hold and a much cheaper price.  Trying this makes me want to get back into drugstore hair products.  While I was there, I also picked up L’Oreal Elnett Satin hairspray.  I feel like the last person on earth to finally try this out.  I haven’t used it for styling, but it had a grandma smell when I sprayed it.


While at Walgreens I noticed the display of the Rimmel Kate Moss Nude lipstick collection.  I have been impressed by the Rimmel Kate line in the past and the new nude packaging totally drew me in.  While I have plenty of lipsticks, I have been trying to find a light pink shade.  Most of the ones I have are more neutral or peachy, brown nudes, or bold pinks.  This shade is almost exactly what I have been wanting!  It is a bit more sheer than I like, but that can be fixed with layering it up.


I really love Ardell 113 lashes because they are delicate while being bold and long.  They have a great invisible lash band that helps make them a bit less detectable.   

I have been in a cycle of using up the many Bath and Body Works body washes I seem to have an endless supply of, but needed a new scrub for prepping my skin for self tanning.  This Softsoap Coconut Scrub is one I have used in the past.  It smells like summer and gets the job done, but it is more creamy than exfoliating.   

Banana Boat Summer Color lotion is a nice self tanner for mixing in with lotions or using on it’s own if I don’t feel like committing to foam.  I mentioned it as a favorite bronzing product in this post.    I definitely shopped too much this month, but I am so excited to test out all these products.

2016 june haul


Ardell 113 Lashes

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolor – Smooch, Kissyface, Wink

Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick – Big Spender

Garnier Texture Tease Spray

L’oreal Elnett Hair Spray

Softsoap Coconut Scrub Body Wash

Rimmel Kate Nude Lipstick – 41

Too Faced Perfect Lips Lip Liner – Perfect Nude

Banana Boat Summer Color Lotion – Deep Dark

Kylie Lip Kit – Exposed

Kylie Lip Gloss – Literally

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush – Sensual



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