Bare Minerals Spotlight ft. Baby Bohemian

by KimandMakeup


Today’s post is a rave review of my favorite product from the brand Bare Minerals. It is excitingly also in collaboration with Leah from Baby Bohemian, one of my favorite bloggers. She has great taste in staple products that are all natural, and somehow I always learn about something new from her posts even though she keeps everything so uncomplicated and classic (what I strive for but don’t pull off all that well.)  Her blog introduced me to Hylamide Low Molecular HA Re-Hydration Booster (I use it daily now) and THE FILE among other things. Her post will also be on her picks from Bare Minerals.

Bare Minerals have been around forever so they aren’t the most hyped up products in the release- happy beauty community.  They never fail me though, and their powder products and lip glosses (Buxom is also owned by them) are some of the products I have repurchased most.


My favorite product from them is definitely Well Rested concealer. It is an ultra pigmented loose powder concealer. It has a little bit of yellow, but not as much as many of the other banana colored powders out there. It is more of a pale cream shade that somehow works for me at my tannest and palest.


This brightens up under eyes so well. I like to use it over liquid concealers or even on its own if I am doing a really quick light face of makeup. “Well Rested” is the perfect description for making dark under eyes disappear and make my face look as bright and awake as possible. I can barely do my makeup without this powder.  It feels and looks lighter than pressed under eye powders, so I always reach for it over anything else I have.  


I am probably on my sixth or seventh jar of this product by now, and I’m not planning on being without it any time soon. If you like that bright eyed look, this is a must have.  It is not hyped up too much in the beauty community so sometimes I feel like it’s my secret weapon.   Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out Baby Bohemian’s post on her Bare Minerals picks- she has bomb taste.